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--Welcome to website of Airsoft Team Headhunters--

In the beginning, there were 6 ultimate members (Olaf, Hanz, Karel, Zajic, Tonda and Stanley) and in succesive steps, others were joining (schoolmates, friends…). We don´t accept new members, only special cases from previous friendship. As you can recognize from our name, we don´t simulate any real BW unit, just using german weapons and equipment. Currently some members realigment on World War II age (Wehrmacht), again, of course, without copying real unit. We most oftenly visit actions, holded by Milovice 1st mechanized brigade, or Bundeswehr alliance, as it´s member.

Our conception of Airsoft is different from trend of modern age and progress of ,,militarism“. We defy airsoft as a GAME, with no special training and directed by creed ,,who plays, don´t annoy“ Airsoft isn´t the only hobby of our group and so we also belong to Rover tribe of Scouts - ,,Fire“ – Prague 9, Horni Pocernice

PS: If you´ll hear ,,KVIII“ somewhere in the field, be sure we are close. (-.










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